Medical Learners Committee

The CAWM Medical Learner Committee (MLC) is composed of medical students and residents across Canada with varying interests in the field of wilderness medicine. The group aims to introduce learners within the community of medicine to the field of wilderness medicine and connect interested students with further learning opportunities. The four pillars of focus for the MLC include research, mentorship, education and professional development opportunities including electives across Canada.


  1. To engage medical learners in the field and community of wilderness medicine, through lectures, webinars, and social events.
  2. To connect medical learners with opportunities for training in wilderness medicine within Canada or available to Canadian learners.
  3. To connect medical learners with researchers and research opportunities in wilderness medicine.
  4. To connect medical learners with professionals working in wilderness medicine for career exploration,mentorship, and networking purposes.

Jeremy Seed - Committee Chair

Pavlo Zerebecky - Committee Co-Chair

Medical Student, Class of 2024

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