Medical Learner Literature Synopses

Hannah Cameron

Kaitlyn Zugic

Kyle Comishen

Pavlo Zerebecky

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I will begin with my knowledge base with the above topics in nil to limited. The limited side with the air bags. I have lost a friend in a slide and the air bag would not have helped his case I do not believe. He had all the resources available to him. Some say a series of ill fated decisions played a role. I was not there so I cannot will not judge. Since his death many years ago now, the coversation of airbag vs no airbag has come up often among friends. Some believe strongly it is an asset in true alpine riding and low risk of terrain traps. Others feel that as soon as there is terrain that can trap you maybe delay the deployment of the bag. I agree in the lack of education and promotion are key. Risks outcomes options decisin making etc. the more safety gear the more oppourtunity for false sence of security. Definately a hot topic with much more oppourtunity for discussion and review. thank you for sharing

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