Finance and Audit Committee


The Finance and Audit Committee is responsible for overseeing financial planning and reporting, budget development and, if applicable, the audit process. It is chaired by the Board of Directors Treasurer.


  1.  Create monthly financial statements to present at each Board Meeting
  2. Oversee the development of a CAWM annual budget as well as event and grant specific budgets
  3. Prepare and present an annual financial summary at the Annual General Meeting 
  4. Provide technical knowledge to support the CAWM Treasurer in the execution of her/his duties

Heather White - Committee Chair

Heather is an FRCPC trained in Emergency Medicine with a fellowship in Resuscitation and Reanimation. She completed her training at Queen’s University but has recently moved west to be closer to the mountains. She works as an Emergency Physician and Trauma Team Leader in Kelowna, BC. She completed her FAWM in 2018.