Military Medicine Interest Group

The Military Medicine Interest Group is composed of physicians (MO), physician assistants (PA), nursing officers (Nurs O), search and rescue technicians (SAR Tech), medical technicians (Med Tech) and medical assistants (Med A). It is a collection of healthcare professionals with specialties in maritime, dive, aviation and austere medicine. The goals of the Military Interest Group is to network, educate, collaborate and provide a platform to encourage a learning environment.

Chair: Brendan Collins

Brendan is a medical technician with the Canadian Armed Forces based out of Cold Lake, Alberta. He has been with 417 Sqn since 2018 providing local and national search and rescue response. Over his 18 plus years of military career, he had been sent overseas with the army and had the occasion to practice his medical skills in various context. He is passionate about outdoor activities and shares his passion for sports and nature with his two children.

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