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CAWM’s Professional Member Program provides a mechanism for businesses and not-for-profit organizations to engage with CAWM and it’s Members. As a Professional Member organizations are able to connect with CAWM Members and raise awareness of the activities and services they offer.

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Abby Rowe

Portland ME US

Ankit Kapur

Regina Saskatchewan CA

Annique Wills

Coquitlam BC CA

Brian McKenzie

Kelowna BC CA


Ottawa Ontario CA

Chris Kopp

Edmonton AB CA

Dave Watt

Redwood Meadows AB CA

Ferno Canada

Oakville British Columbia CA

Jean Rioux

Calgary AB CA

Jeffrey Burko

Delta BC CA

JIll Weenink

Nelson British Columbia CA

Miles Randell

Squamish BC CA

Natalie Bonthius

Iowa City IA US

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Ron Morrison

Smithers BC CA

Yamnuska Mountain Adventures


Located in Canmore, Alberta at the gates of Banff National Park, Yamnuska Mountain Adventures is one of Canada’s premier providers of mountaineering, rock & ice climbing, backcountry skiing, hiking, and trekking experiences in the Canadian Rockies. For over 40 years, we have hosted thousands of clients from Canada and all over the world. Our brand is known for quality mountain experiences, safety, and well-organized itineraries. We have some of the best mountain guides and hiking guides in the industry. All Yamnuska Mountain Adventures climbing guides are certified through the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides.

wilderness md


Wilderness MD® is committed to advancing the field of Wilderness Medicine through training, consulting, and professional resources for wilderness medicine practitioners. Our deep dedication to improving the care that professionals are able to provide in the wilderness is matched with decades of medical, rescue, and backcountry experience. Our exceptional team of instructors and consultants is entirely composed of experienced medical professionals with impressive backcountry resumes and a passion for wilderness medicine.



CTOMS has been Canada’s premiere Tactical Medicine Training company since our inception in 2005. Our training focus has historically been on professional organizations, such as military, law enforcement, paramedics, and physicians. And more recently, we are expanding our training offerings to public access. We offer unique customized training solutions through the spectrum of care levels and delivery options.



Our role at SIRIUSMEDx is to preserve the health of the people who inhabit remote regions and the workers and the adventurers who explore them, leveraging our team of health professionals, instructors, and enthusiasts. We strive to revolutionize the provision of medical care and training programs to safeguard the health of workers, residents and explorers in the most remote regions.

Rocky Mountain Adventure Medicine Inc.


Rocky Mountain Adventure Medicine is a dynamic and innovative company and a recognized leader in first aid practices, remote medicine, rescue and outdoor safety. We teach a full range of programs for urban and remote environments; we provide medical response and rigging teams for the most extreme environments; we plan with you to ensure that your risks are mitigated, that you are prepared for emergencies and that you have a plan in place to manage any incidents that arise.

Wilderness Medical Associates International


Wilderness Medical Associates International is devoted to the development and teaching of remote and practical medicine. We are medical and rescue professionals, researchers, experienced educators, and advocates for healthcare in remote settings and hostile environments. Our cutting edge curriculum is overseen and continually revised by a committee of medical practitioners and has been taught on all seven continents.  We educate, train, and consult to both medical and non-medical professionals and recreationalists for practical health and patient care in low resource and unconventional settings.


Canadian Wilderness Medical Training

CWMT is an organization of professionals in pre-hospital care, outdoor leadership and education dedicated to providing the best possible training and support for our clients.

Canadian Ski Patrol

The Canadian Ski Patrol, with more than 4,000 volunteer members, provides first aid services in more than 200 alpine and Nordic ski resorts across the country. Over the past two decades, the services offered by the CSP have gone beyond ski resorts: members maintain first aid services, medical support and coordination of a medical team for a range of sporting activities throughout the year.

TEAAM Aeromedical


TEAAM is Canada’s only medically directed rescue program. We employ paramedics, nurses, doctors rescue professionals and mountain guides. We operate in hoist and fixed line equipped helicopters, and also use fixed wing aircraft and 4x4 ambulances togo beyond the reach of traditional ambulance services, and deliver Patient Care, Anywhere.


Academia Equinoccio Mexico is the result of more than 30 years working as a Mountain Guide, kayaker and First Responder in Patagonia, Peru, Bolivia and India. We are supported by ECSI, Stop the Bleed Certification, PHTLS, BLS, NOLS and National Standard of Competences. From coast to coast of Mexico we offer online and in person certifications. In addition, we provide WFR, WAFA and WFA training in Patagonia, Chile with our partner Vial Adventure.

Canadian Outdoor medical consulting

Canadian Outdoor Medical Consulting is a Squamish based provider of Wilderness Medical training, risk management consulting, and event medical coverage. COMC is the authorized provider of Outdoor Emergency Care training for numerous ski patrol agencies, and offers 20, 40 and 80 hour Wilderness First Aid courses customized for industry professionals such as ski and bike guides, SAR members, and ski patrollers . COMC also specializes in risk management and event medical services for backcountry and austere environment events such as mountain bike races, off-road triathlons, and ultramarathons.

Raven RSM

Raven has been delivering Wilderness and remote medical courses across Canada since 2003. Raven's instructional team consists of a diverse community of practitioners and educators who all share a passion for delivering their evidence based curriculum in a way that is easy to digest and retain.   Raven also delivers Rescue and Safety training for high risk environments such as Swiftwater/Whitewater, Surface Ice, Vertical Environments or work at height,  and Confined Spaces. To see their current course schedule or to book a custom course check out their website,

Ferno Canada

Established in 1994 and with nearly 30 years’ experience, Ferno Canada is a leader in the manufacture and distribution of professional solutions for patient transport, paramedic services, search and rescue, and mortuary services with a portfolio including over 10,000 speciality products to serve the unique needs of a wide range of first responders.

PEAK Paramedic services & peak emergency response training


PEAK (1998) is a Western Canadian and US based corporation that provides emergency response and management training predominantly (but not exclusively) to non-urban responders such as professional and volunteer ski patrollers, search & rescue personnel, CAT and heli-ski guides and other non-urban first Responders. In addition, we provide training to a vast array of recreation type industries such as lifeguards, river & mountain guides, mountain bike patrollers, sea kayakers, etc. PEAK provides specialized training programs for non-urban responders who are required to operate at a level of care which exceeds most other urban focused first responder training. Our programs provide the necessary skills and knowledge to efficiently manage incidents in the rugged terrain and vastness of the back-country.

KXI Wildertec

KXI Wildertec specializes in advanced vehicular technology, enhancing access to remote terrains for wilderness medicine. Our pioneering suspension control system ensures safe, efficient navigation in extreme conditions, empowering medical professionals to reach those in need, no matter how remote the location. With a focus on innovation and safety, KXI Wildertec is committed to supporting the critical work of wilderness medicine practitioners.

Prairie PoCUS

Prairie POCUS is Canada’s largest ultrasound training center and we aim to improve patient care by enhancing the clinical ultrasound skills of participants. We offer a large range of courses spanning beginners to advanced ultrasound ninjas.


CASEM was developed because of specific medical problems presented at the 1968 Summer Olympics in Mexico, and became officially incorporated on June 8, 1970. Since that time it has evolved from an organization providing medical care to elite athletes at international events to the leading source of information and expertise in the art and science of sport medicine. Our mission is to forge a strong, collective voice for sport and exercise medicine; to be a leader in advancing the art and science of sport and exercise medicine, including health promotion and disease prevention, for the benefit of all Canadians.

Mountain Med Consulting

Mountain Med Consulting teaches a current and progressive wilderness first aid curriculum. We provide passionate, knowledgeable, well-rounded and relatable instructors to lead courses that are tailored to address student learning outcomes based on the needs of each group and the context in which they play or work. Our courses are custom built to tailor the environment you work and play in. At Mountain Med we provide practical sessions and realistic rescue simulations that prepare students to handle the stress of a medical emergency in the wilderness.

Coast Ropes and Rescue

At Coast Ropes and Rescue, our goal is to be the anchor point and source for products and knowledge for Canadian Rope Professionals. We are more than just a supplier – we are your dedicated ally in the dynamic world of rope access and rescue. As a 100% British Columbia-owned and employee-operated company, our roots run deep in the Canadian landscape. Our team comprises Search and Rescue (SAR) trained professionals with over a decade of expertise in IRATA and SPRAT training. We proudly offer an extensive selection of  brands and cutting-edge products in work at height safety, rope access, swiftwater and technical rescue, ensuring that you are equipped with the latest technologies in the industry.

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