Prevention of Common Mountaineering Overuse Injuries through warm up and pre conditioning exercises


Sunday, November 13 1300-1400 MST

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Sunday, November 13 1300-1400 MST
Provided by Rebecca Mottram in English with French Translation

Ever wonder what you can be doing at home in the living room to prevent overuse injuries in the mountains? Come meet Rebecca Mottram, Physiotherapist at Altitude Physiotherapy in Banff. She has 22 years of experience working in Banff treating common overuse injuries typical of Mountaineering such as shoulder rotator cuff tendonitis, knee patello-femoral pain, ankle Achilles tendonitis and elbow tendonitis. Also, she will review and teach you a comprehensive 5-minute dynamic warmup to perform with your clients at the trailhead before you take on your epic day. A dynamic warm up can help prevent falls, strains, and sprains during your mountain adventure. Join us virtually or in person for this exciting and informative hour.