Individual Membership




In the pursuit of connecting Canadian Professionals whom have expressed interest in Wilderness expertise, learning and education. Members of the Canadian Association of Wilderness Medicine will have access to the following. 

  • Membership Directory: All members that opt into the membership directory in their profile may have their names and contact information displayed to the membership of CAWM. This will help aid individuals to connect with one another.
  • Job Board: All Members and Professional members pending approval of CAWM may post in the job board.
  • Learning Opportunities Board: All Members and Professional Members(link to page) pending approval of CAWM may post information regarding learning opportunities in the board.
  • Medical Learners Resources 
    • Available Training Resources 
    • Mentorship: Any members wishing to identify themselves as a mentor to interested learners by way of practicum or elective may fill out the required form and be listed on the CAWM site.
  • Newsletters from CAWM
  • Committees: All members of CAWM have the right to request to join any of the active committees that CAWM has organized. 
  • Free registration to the Mountainside Meetups