CAWM 2023 Pre-Conference Course Information

Here is the full information on the pre-conference courses available for CAWM 2023.

WP-C (Wilderness Paramedic Certification)

Cost: $475.00 + 5% GST

Dates: Oct 11 and 12 approximately 0700-1630h

Instructors: Jeff Thurman and David Fifer

Description: This course will prepare students to take the Certified Wilderness Paramedic (WP-C) exam from the International Board of Speciality Certifications (IBSC). This 2-day course will address exam content areas, test-taking strategies, and topics specific to the professional practice of wilderness paramedicine. Students will receive a copy of Seth Hawkins’ “Wilderness EMS” textbook, included in the price. For more information about the WP-C exam, please check out the IBSC website at:

WLS:MP (Wilderness Life Support for Medical Providers, formerly known as AWLS)

Cost – Professionals: $750.00 + 5% GST
Cost – Students: $450..00 + 5% GST

Dates: Oct 11 and 12 approximately 0700-1630h

Instructors: Dr. Alana Hawley (lead), Dr. Lynne Hoole, Dr. Kendra Young, Dr. Heather Filek

Description: The Wilderness Life Support for the Medical Professional (WLS:MP) course is designed to provide medical professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage medical emergencies in remote and wilderness settings. The curriculum of the WLS:MP course follows the most up-to-date guidelines and best practices set forth by the Wilderness Medical Society (WMS).

The WLS:MP course covers a wide range of topics such as patient assessment, wound management, musculoskeletal injuries, environmental emergencies, and much more. Participants will also learn how to improvise medical equipment, communicate effectively, and make decisions in situations where resources are limited.
Taking the WLS:MP course is important for anyone who may find themselves in a wilderness or remote setting, including medical professionals, outdoor guides, search and rescue personnel, and anyone else who enjoys spending time in the outdoors. By learning how to manage medical emergencies in these environments, individuals can better prepare themselves to respond effectively in case of an emergency. Participants will gain valuable knowledge and skills that can help them save lives and prevent medical emergencies from escalating in remote and wilderness settings.
It is a comprehensive and practical course that can provide individuals with the confidence and ability to handle medical emergencies in situations where resources are limited.

Accreditation: WLS:MP certification (valid for 4 years), FAWM credits available