CAWM 2022 - Nov 11-13 2022. Third annual wilderness medicine conference. In-person and virtual hybrid format. Coast Hotel and Conference Center. Canmore, AB.

Thanks to Everyone for Attending CAWM 2022

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3 Days
34 Presentations
17 Workshops
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Keynote Speaker
Cyril Shokoples

Saturday November 12, 1800-1920 MST

Cell phone, sat phone, InReach, Spot, Zooleo, PLB, GPS... It’s a new world. Go ultralight and fast as rescue is just a push of a button way. Who needs a tarp and first aid kit? Gear just slows you down when you are trying to post about your incredible fast pace. Why bother with expensive wilderness emergency response training? Accidents rarely happen and when they do, just push a button. Yup, it’s a new world. Use your phone as a GPS and update Facebook and Instagram from the summit, your ski tour or paddling route! Everything is great until your battery fails and an accident occurs just as the weather comes crashing down. You and your pals now have to figure it all out from first principles.

Using real life examples from his decades of experience, Cyril will chat about how equipment, training and preparation, or lack thereof, led to extremely variable outcomes in mountain emergencies he has been involved in.


Wow, what a success!!

CAWM would like to thank all of those who attended virtually or in person, all of our speakers, workshop hosts, and volunteers for making our event as fantastic as it was. Our team worked incredibly hard to put the conference together and we're thankful for all of your support. We'd also like to thank Public Safety Canada's Search and Rescue New Initiatives Fund (SARNIF) for providing financial support for the conference.

Though you may have missed the live event, it's still available virtually until June 12, 2023. The content of our event is relevant for wilderness medical professionals and learners including paramedics, nurses, SAR personnel, guides, ski patrollers, first responders, academics, and physicians.

If you're looking to get some CME, the conference is still available for purchase! 

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