Announcing the CAWM2022 Keynote Speaker – Cyril Shokoples- ACMG

Thanks to all members for submissions to speak at CAWM 2022. THe CAWM 2022 committee is deliberating over the next few weeks and will be excited to announce CAWM 2022 speakers soon. We are happy to announce our Keynote Speaker for CAWM 2022.

Cyril is a professional Mountain Guide, EMS Instructor and Open Water Scuba Instructor with over forty-five years of experience in mountaineering and climbing and four decades of experience as a professional guide. He operates a sole proprietorship which has provided mountain guiding services with a specialization in high angle rope rescue, mountain leadership training, mountaineering, avalanche safety skills and wilderness emergency care.

Cyril is an honorary (life) member of the Alpine Club of Canada and a past president of the Association of Canadian Mountain Guides.
He and his team have trained Canadian Forces Search and Rescue Technicians continuously since 1989. This carries through to the current day Team Member and Team Leader mountain phases of SARTech trade qualification training.

He has a background as an EMS educator and was the coordinator of Prehospital Care Programs at Portage College for a number of years. Cyril was a major part of the team that created their EMT program (which has now morphed into their current Paramedic program). He also created their Parks Emergency Responder program which he taught to national park wardens across western and northern Canada for a decade. He currently teaches wilderness emergency care to outdoor professionals.

Cyril’s exploits include hundreds of first ascents of rock, ice and alpine climbs. During his career he has been involved in a number of searches and rescues ranging from urban to wilderness locations. On several occasions these rescues involved companion or improvised rescue techniques since outside rescue was not an option. Some of these rescues will be the focus of this presentation.